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Please let me know if you don't want the track ID made public in mixes.

Frequently asked questions:

"How should I address you?"

Please call me blue, Blue, OB :) sometimes I get "hi Object" and that is a bit weird. It's my own fault I guess.

"Can I have feedback on my track?"

I'm afraid not! I don't give feedbacks because I think your own voice is more important than my opinion. Cultivate your precious sensibilities and believe in it above all others'.

"Did you receive my inquiries/commissions?"

I try to respond to these ASAP, but if I don't respond within a week please give me a nudge!

"Where are you from?"

I've been based in London since 2011.

I'm half-Chinese half-Japanese. I was born in Tokyo, but was raised in Beijing and consider it my hometown.

I have never lived in Berlin and never will, but for some reason many people think I live there... because I'm a deejay...

"Did you get my music? Can you let me know if you play it somewhere?"

Sometimes I manage to send a few "this sounds great, thanks!" but more often than not I don't reply, because I receive dozens of music every day. But I really do appreciate everyone who earnestly share their work! 

As much as I'd love to shout out the musicians I play, it's just not possible for me to keep track of & get back to you, sorry.

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