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Grotto premiere

Recorded in a studio then streamed online in lieu of a live premiere during the lockdown. I adore Natalia's work, again and again her work shoots me through the heart. I watched the stream from our home and shed a lil tear.

Vivienne Westwood + Andreas Kronthaler SS20 PFW original soundtrack composition & performance

I have loved Vivienne's designs for a long time. As a teenager I began hunting for secondhand pieces online, and the treasures I found then I still wear now.

It was a dream come true to accompany a VW + AK collection in my own way, through my music. I wrote and rewrote the soundtrack with feedback from several people within the brand. It grew more energetic, vivid, playful.

During the final rehearsal, only hours before the show, Vivienne approached me and asked gently: 

it's very nice, your music, but I'd like it to be calmer, softer, so that it supports the clothes rather than compete with them.

I felt it was a fated moment. Because... I'd felt completely the same.

"I'd love to do that," I replied, "but that would be going against all the previous advice other people had given me. Am I allowed to override theirs and just listen to yours?"

Andreas  and everyone in the maison, having the utmost love and respect for Vivienne's vision, unanimously gave me a look that said: yes.

It was a stunning show. I will always cherish those two days we spent running around Paris with our equipments and call sheets. Thank you everyone at Vivienne Westwood, and Vivienne -- thank you for everything.

I also made a short version of the soundtrack for the campaign video, featuring none other than Naomi Campbell!!!!

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